Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't Worry Be Happy Bobby Mc Ferrin [SMILE]

TGIF : ) Have a good weekend!


Hello All,

Ok, So I read this is a magazine and thought it was really cute so Im going to share it with you guys.

It titled 12 reasons to love being a mom... Here are some of my favorite.


1) You receive a reception worth of the Next American Idol even though you'd only left the room more a minute to get more wipes.

2) There is no better exercise than chasing your toddler through a crowded mall.

3) When was the last time a grown up hugged simply for buying cookies?

4) Babies dont accidentally butt call your cell phone and dont hog the remote.

5) The 100th reading of Goodnight moon is every bit as good as the first.

6) Somebody loves you no matter what you're wearing, what you're doing, or how long its been since you've showered.

7) Nap time.

8) Alarm clocks are more appealing when they're wearing footie PJ's.

9) You've got a built in excuse for No on RSVP's whenever you feel like it.

haha, it's funny when you can relate to an article so well. Mom's...What are some of Your reasons?? : )

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We are crawling!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fired up* : )

"We would like to offer you a job at Levelland ABC"........Wait a minute--WHAT? I recieved this phone call and thought to myself- Is this real? haha Yes friends! Everything that I had worked for the last year had finally come together! Let's remember. I had Mikah on July 29, 2009. I started my classes in August and finished in January. I took my test once, failed it. Took it again- and Passed and now I'm here. It was definately a goal I set and with a lot of help from my family, FULL faith in God that he was taking all of this somewhere, and with a little motivation from within (wanting to provide a good life for Mikah) I took on this goal. So, Here's my happy dance...

Boom Shaka Laka Shaka Laka........ Booo Yaaaa....... WHOOOP there is it....wheeeeeee wheee whooo whooddoooo Don't worry be happy mon'!!

Did ya like that? :o)

I honestly just want to thank all of the prayer warriors who went to work for me through these last few months- God honestly did GREAT works... and I plan to keep on working for him.

Love Yall :o)

Friday, April 23, 2010

April Smiles!

Hello Everyone-

Ok, So I feel like I haven’t done this blog justice. I know that I haven’t been keeping it up to date and for that I apologize. As this blog has been so much of a relief for me- I feel like it’s time to lighten things up and display the humor I find in life. So, you thought I rambled before…trust me- This could get ugly. :o)

First off- Let me tell you a little about Mikah! My friends, he is a great and awesome little boy. I have found out that he despises Mac-N-Cheese and Beef and Gravy. Its really comical as to when I try to feed him…He shivers in complete disgusts every time I try to make him take a bite. After I find myself covered in each of these tasty treats because He has found out how to blow “Strawberries” and I guess that’s the way he tells me to get it away from his face! Nothing tops a full mouth of sweet potatoes and a sneeze! As far as his sleeping goes, Mikah is usually a great sleeper but he has been getting up around 4:30 because I think he is hungry! As I get up frustrated and a little confused at what’s going on, I stumble to his room to find that having a little quiet time of comforting with him isn’t so bad after all. Another thing Mikah has learned is that he likes to pull up on things. It'scary, as I was writing this and I turned and saw Mikah pulled up on pap paws chair. Oh boy, Im in for it! First big boy bath!

Next, I have found a group of girls that I truly enjoy being around! Their names are Danielle, Kristie and Sara. I have been friends with Danielle for forever but the new friends are from Hobbs~ they are awesome and our conversations are priceless. I would get into detail about our topics, but they could make you blush ;)

As most of you know Im working at Levelland ABC with Pre-K and I love it. There are some days where I am more...lets say more irritable than others, but most of them are great. Many people would say i'm crazy for adoring my job- But seriously, I think those people are crazy for not thinking that Puppy love, kids thinking everything I do is AMAZING, and funny comments that they arent supposed to say isnt an awesome job. I am going to start taking notes on the things they say and sharing them with you. I think that'd be a funny thing to do. Here are the teachers I work with- The blue team! Oh, and if you wouldn't mind- I have a couple of interviews for some positions here in Levelland and I'd appreciate the extra prayers : )

Next, Ive decided to buy a mobile home! haha. Ok, So let's get all of our Billy Bob teeth and over all and cut off shirt jokes out of the way. ;) Ha- At this point in my life, I feel like this would be the best place for me and Mikah on the budget that we have. The Mobile homes now are super nice and much more of a home than I could afford if I decided to actually buy a house! I am going to put it at Commanders Palace in Lubbock. I feel if Im in Lubbock I will be more available to connect with a church, be closer to the MALL, hehe- and be in a central place. My mom has already cried at the thought of Mikah and I moving out but It's definalety time for all of us! My mobile home is a 2010 Clayton, "The Decision maker"... ha! I will post pictures once I have taken some of it. : )

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello Stranger*

Alright, I already know what you guys are thinking…I’ll just say it…

Yes, I know it’s been a long time. In fact, too long I’d say. It’s hard get this blog updated between the cuddling, loving, and wet slobbery kisses. : ) Ok, and the less attractive things like Dirty diapers, spit up, and temper tantrums (and I’m not talking about Mikah hehe)… But, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything else.

Well, Ill try to catch yall up without writing my infamous novels that I’ve know to write. So, ill make this brief and to the point. I think I’ll have title for each section. Here goes nothing.


Right now I am loving my job as a TA at Levelland ABC. I work with Rebecca Morris who is terrifically anal and loves her job. We have completely different personalities but it works because I’m super laid back and she isn’t. So, I’m learning and loving what I’m doing. I am honestly shocked by how much these kids absorb daily. Of coarse there are silly moments but they work hard daily and I have grown close to each of them. Yes, I have been called “momma” more than once, but it’s always followed by “Im just kiddin.” These kids are awesome and my heart is called to be with these youngsters. But, God will place me where he wants me, obviously. Also, I am coaching the Levelland High School girls golf…These girls are great and it’s fun to be apart of their team for the mean-time. I will be “replaced” once the boys basketball season is completed.

As you all know I graduated in May of 2009 and decided that I wanted to teach so I entered into the post-back program the first of August. I have completed that program and now I’m work my hardest to pass the Certification test in order to be able to teach my very own class. My goal is to have all of them passed by April (Reason will be stated later.) I have been trying to balance work, school, golf and studying…and it’s not joke! So, extra prayers are always welcomed ;)

Ok, So… I can not even put this category into words. It’s amazing, exhausting, overwhelming, exciting, scary, fun…emotional. Mikah is the best. He could possibly be the most amazing baby ever : ) Ok, Im the mom- I can say that right? The past seven months have been such a roller coaster. But, Oh my gosh- I love this little boy more than I could have ever imagined. I think about him every second of the day and I have to try my hardest to not go to the daycare to check on him instead of eating lunch daily. But, I love my daycare and I was very blessed with them. How can my heart sink every time I see a “gummy” smile? I love being a mommy and although I feel completely overwhelmed and often lonely, I would give everything up again to be with him.

Well folks, Im still living with my parents and I need every ounce of help they give me. I know my mother is probably exhausted but I don’t know what I’d do without her. She takes Mikah to daycare in the morning and watches him willingly after school while I’m at golf. She’s a great help. And “Pap-poo” has been suddenly been captured by the other little man in our life. It’s hilarious. Those two are little buddies and have some very precious moments. ALSO, reason I want to pass my test by August is because I’m heading to Las Vegas for Jacki’s (My buddy from Perryton) sister, Jessica’s wedding and I want to have something to celebrate :o))

I do have one piece of my mind that I want to share.
…People, We do not have time to feel sorry for ourselves. Life is too short, there are things that need to be taken care of, people that need to be loved. So, stopping to think about all of the things that need to be fixed is unnecessary. Things could always be worse; people are always going to have problems. So, live life with a purpose. SMILE, Love, give, and pray. That’s the only way we are going to make it. ;) Ok, I feel better.

Love ALL of yall and I promise that I won’t stay away for to long.
Smiles, Chelsea

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sweat has never been so sweet!

Aloha : )

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us—yes establish the work of our hands. Psalms 90:17

“ Be strong!! We are not here to play, to dream, to drift; We have hard work to do and loads to life; Shun not the struggle—face it; ‘Tis Gods gift!

Mikah is now able to sweat! Pretty soon… He’ll be takin out the trash, mowin, and out shootin hoops! :o)

How is everyone this great month of July? This month for me has been filled up with Birthdays, Weddings and Fire works! I’m just wondering…Is it just me or has there been more weddings this summer then every before? Some people that I’m just getting to that age, but It seems that this summer has been more popular than before, and good for me…because I LOVE wedding :o)

Well Let’s start off with my best friend Jacki’s wedding. WOW, I have honestly never been around a group of more fun and all around loving people. I got to see a lot of “kids” that I grew up with, which was wonderful, and My goodness…Did Jacki look gorgeous : ) Although I was 35 weeks pregnant at the time of the wedding, Yes, I strutted my stuff in front of over 300 people… I told her that I would NOT miss her wedding for the world, and Thankfully I kept my word and made it through the weekend. Jacki- I was SO honored to be in your wedding, you were the most gorgeous bride and I know you’re going to make a great wife. Here are some pictures from the wedding which was on July 4th…
Jacki and I... She looked AMAZING.
The bride taking it all in...
Heading to the wedding...
At the bridesmaid Luncheon... She was glowing!

Next, I almost forgot to tell you about the shower that I had here in Levelland. Some of the sweetest people here in Levelland threw me the most awesome shower. I honestly was SO worried that people were not going to come… But, by the time the shower was over, I was SO blessed with such great people that made the time to actually come and support Mikah and I. I am not kidding you, God’s blessings have been poured over and over again on us… and I am definitely going to have to be doing some major passing it on after Mikah gets a little older. : )

Rebecca, She had the shower in her gorgeous house!


The hostesses!! Good Job ladies!


A few friends from High school!


My mom, me, and Kelli*

Ohh Kayla, I just love you!

Ok, So updates on mister Mikah… Well, he is now over 6 pounds and I honestly think he’s going to break my xiphoid process off. You guys think I’m kidding but If he takes one more drop kick at it… It’s coming off. ;) I heard that by this time of pregnancy, the mommas tend to get a little impatient and tired of being pregnant. Well, ITS TRUE…….. haha Ya DIDN’T see that one coming did ya?? You know me, I aim to make you people smile. I have had the most perfect pregnancy as far as the physical parts of it. I have had no morning sickness… have had a little drama with pre term Labor- but it comes out that Mikah is just ornery…like the rest of his family, So, I’m not going to complain. I’m happy to share ME with HIM and I am going to miss the times that we share…Hiccups, kicks, and the times where it’s just Momma and Mikah….But, the anticipation of labor and him being here is overwhelming. Here are a few pictures that my wonderful mother took. She is SO talented and blessed which her skills… Check it out for yourself. You’ll appreciate it!

Good Job momma!


You're a professional!



I have full faith that you'll develop into something big one dayMom!!

Lastly, I’ve felt here lately that I haven’t made myself clear on here on this blog. I honestly have felt convicted because I have used this blog to explain my story and haven’t truly said that I have been forgiven. Listen, I am the first to come to EACH of you and anyone else to admit that what happened is WRONG. I know that my heavenly father loves me and has placed so much grace upon me… But I never truly said that I have sinned. Well, People- I have sinned.. but the good thing about out father…is that I’m already forgiven. So, Im sorry If I irritated anyone with my story and not admitting that sin took place, because I never expected to be a mommy at 22. But, I have taken this role and have used it to increase his kingdom, I did sin…felt conviction and am forgiven. THANK God for his forgiveness, strength, love…everything. Ok, NOW that I have that off my chest... I can move on : )


Ps... I ADORE her, Check out the baby blues on her! I have one gorgeous neice!

I hope EACH and EVERYONE of you feels God’s love today… and SMILE…quit taking life so seriously
Until then, Love you guys and maybe next time Ill have some pics of my gorgeous baby boy* 3 weeks people…the days are numbered!
Xoxo Chelsea